Informative Summary


Informative Summary


20. 01. 2017

(deadline, via EKF website)


31. 03. 2017

(deadline, with payments)

Photo upload

15. 04. 2017

Official accreditation form

Exam registration

28. 04. 2017

(deadline, via EKF website)

EKF GA Ji geiko

11.05.10:00 – 11:00

EKF General Assembly

11.05. 14:00 – 19:00

Managers meeting

11.05. 18:00

EKF Dinner reception


Taikai - Junior Team and Ladies' Team


Taikai - Junior Individual and Men's Team


Taikai - Ladies' and Men's Individual


EKF Dan exam


Warming up schedules for all teams

Only accredited delegation members can use the Sport Gym facilities

11.05 Thursday

Sport Gym A 11:00-18:30
Sport Gym C 10:00-16:00

12.05 Friday

Sport Gym A 07:00-18:00
Sport Gym C 07:00-15:00

13.05 Saturday

Sport Gym A 07:00-18:00
Sport Gym C 07:00-15:00

13.05 Sunday

Sport Gym A 07:00-08:30
Sport Gym C 07:00-15:00

All participants deals and PAYS DIRECTLY to the Hotel, the prices also includes bus transport between the Hotel and the Sport Arena. All prices includes allyou can eat breakfast and dinner!  

Any queries please write to:

Hotel accomodation booking form

 All delegation members must use the Official Accreditation Form to get entrance rights to the areas reserved for delegation members!

Go to Offical Accreditation Form

All spectators must use the Spectator Registration Form to get entrance right to the competition!

Go to Spectator Registration Form

Payment information (Competition fee, Accreditation fee, Lunch, Sayonaray Party):

Name of account: MKSZ
Hungarian Kendo Federation (MKSZ) Address: 1073 Budapest,Dob u. 80.
Bank Address: Magnet Bank, 1085 Budapest, József krt. 72, Hungary
Account number €: 16200216-17082408
IBAN Code: HU25 1620 0216 1708 2408 0000 0000

We accept only bank transfer! The hotel packages are first come first served based!
Please transfer the exact fee and bare all bank charges, otherwise we going to ask you to pay the difference on location.
All SEPA style bank transfer usually has 4,50€ extra charges!

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