The Tüskecsarnok is a modern, spectacular and multi-faceted centre. It is situated in the sport yard near the InfoPark and the Lágymányosi Campus of ELTE. It can accommodate almost 20 disciplines, therefore it is one of the most modern sport complexes in the country, where guests compete, train and cheer on their favourites.

The Tüskecsarnok is where all the competition takes place and the associated Sports halls ( three of them right besied each other) are the area where Teams warm ups, daily lunch and the EKF Dan examination takes place.

address: 1117 Budapest, 7. Magyar tudósok körútja
phone: +36 1 255-2100 és 255-2101
fax: +36 1 255-2105
e-mail: tuskecsarnok@mnsk.hu

Professional Sport

The capacity of the hall is 4000 people, and it is capable of hosting domestic and international sport events. The central arena has a changeable floor, therefore it is practically suitable to host the competitions of all indoor sports. The machines and cables for ice preparation are built-in, meaning that the Tüskecsarnok can host ice sports as well. Professional athletes can use four training halls and two gyms for preparation. Moreover, there is a diagnostic lab and there are 35 changing rooms in the facility. Underneath the Tüskecsarnok there is a two-floor garage, which can accommodate 435 cars

There is a swimming pool under construction next to the Tüskecsarnok. In the swimming facility there is a 50 m long competition pool with a tribune to accommodate 1000 people. There is a training pool as well and its depth can be changed. There is also a wellness section and there are some service rooms in the facility as well.

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